New City, Kinda New Furniture

Moving to a new place, whether it be a hundred miles away or down the street, is never an easy task. Ryan and I just left the beloved city of Providence, Rhode Island to move to the lovely Cambridge, Massachusetts at the beginning of the month. Yes, I know we moved just an hour away, but after eight years of living in RI, I accumulated a lot of things, including furniture which I were hand me downs from old friends or things I found on the sidewalk. When I decided to move to Cambridge, I originally had plans to just do away with the old furniture and buy all new things. However, that idea was quickly buried in the ground once I realized how expensive furniture is. So I decided that I would revamp the old furniture to make it look updated and kinda new! Here are some examples:

photo (7)photo (8)

photo (9) photo (11)

photo 3 (3) photo 4

photo 2 (3)photo (12)

It was surprisingly easy to repaint or restain/reupholster all these items! I got all the paint from Sherwin Williams. The colors from top to bottom are: Oceanside, Bistro Walnut, Hazel, and Invigorate.



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