The Borrowed Cookbook Library

Anyone who knows me well, knows that cookbooks are about the only thing I read. I always have quite the cookbook collection in the apartment either on bookshelves, strewn over the kitchen counter, hiding under my bed, or on my nightstand. A question that comes up every now and then is how I can afford my extensive collection on a budget? The answer is: the public library!

I am a serial cookbook borrower. The public library is an often underused resource. I highly recommend borrowing over buying. It is a fun and affordable way to get all the books I love. I have never had any trouble getting any of the latest books I want. When we moved to Cambridge, I was so happy that the public library was just a few blocks away from where we live, plus it’s absolutely amazing!

Here are the cookbooks I picked up at the library this week:

photo (13)

What are some of your favorite cookbooks? Please let me know, so that I can put them on hold at my library!



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