Your “Be A Man” Challenge: Cook Her Dinner

Lisa recently started working overnight shifts in her TY program.

The unanticipated benefit is I have plenty of time for personal projects (i.e. a killer blog). One personal challenge I’ve decided to embark on is a cooking series, as I’m now FORCED to cook. The alternative is the pseudo-starvation diet I had as a completely ill-equipped younger, stupider, version of myself in Lithuania…

Prior to this journey I had a long history of avoiding the kitchen; it’s been a source of strife in our relationship. No longer; time to “be a man.” Is there anything more attractive than a man who can cook a decent meal? Will my efforts boil over? Only time will tell…

"Skinny Ryan"
“Skinny Ryan.” -Copenhagen 2011

Lisa previously posted on our borrowed cookbook library. In my quest to make good food, I’ve been in search of entry-level cookbooks written from a man’s perspective for a man within the Massachusetts Public Library system.

Here is the first cookbook I’ve triedthe aptly titled, This is a Cookbook.” Reviews and step-by-step instructions for my favorite recipes from it are forthcoming.

This is a Cookbook
“This is a Cookbook.” Is it now?

What about you, do you have a favorite cookbook written by a man (or men)? I’d love to hear your recommendations.



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