Mindful Moments: Celebrating Friendship

I found a gem of a book at the Cambridge Public Library today called “head to heart” by Jennifer Madison. It includes 365 prompts for mediation and mindfulness on purpose, compassion, and being fully present. Ryan has gotten into the habit of meditating every night before bed, and my new resolution will be to do the same while reflecting on a point for meditation and awakening. I’ll use this book as well as others to guide me.

Today’s daily meditation is on celebrating friendship. Madison writes,

Few things in life are as precious as a true friend, the one who always sees what is good and possible in you and for you, who lifts you up while keeping you grounded, who can tell you hard truths without tearing you down.”

I have a couple friends I want to celebrate. The first two friends I’d like to acknowledge are Linda and Jack.

Jack and linda

From left to right: Jack, Pig, Linda

Linda and I shared a womb, but Jack might have as well been in there with us. Linda is one amazing lady! She is always pushing me to try new things, because really I can’t keep up with her. From beer tasting to growing a garden from seed to running half marathons to being a great physician, she really does it all. All the while being the best sister and friend I could ask for. I don’t know if it’s because we share the same DNA, but she somehow always knows what to say to make me feel better when I’m down in the dumps. Jack never fails to indulge me-whether it be with compliments or sweet desserts. But he also knows how to keep it real, and let’s me know when my outfit is a disaster or if I really shouldn’t have that fifth cookie.


The next lovely lady I’d like to acknowledge is my friend Lauren. Yes, she really did bike all around town with a hula hoop and water guns that she found on the street. Lauren made moving to a new city so exciting and so much fun! She has truly gone above and beyond for me, whether it be a shoulder to cry on or teaching me how to ride a bike with an injured knee. Her energy is contagious. She thrives on human interaction, and I love that about her.  I hope you have a speedy recovery Lauren!

Do you have any friends you would like to celebrate?  If so, be sure to call, email, or snail mail them today and thank them for having a positive effect on your life!



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