Shore Soap Co.’s Shave Soap

I recently posted about my quest to grow a beard. Beards are the latest trend, like any trend though it can be taken too far. To look presentable to the rest of society—i.e. your boss, friends, family, mother-in-law, tailor, barber—generally anyone that matters, it seems common sense would tell you to keep it neat and trimmed. If that’s too much of a hassle you can always go with the old reliable, clean shave. You never know who you could meet around the corner, looking sloppy could ruin your opportunity at a good first impression.

Shore Soap Co.

Since March 2014, I’ve been using Shore Soap Company’s Shave Soap exclusively. By that I mean, I’ve only used the one $14 jar I originally purchased back in March 2014, and it’s still going strong. What’s unbelievable, is that prior to using shave soap, I used to go through a can of Barbasol every month, but at $1.99 a can, it’s more cost effective and better for the environment to use Shore Soap Co.’s product. If I stuck with Barbasol I would’ve gone through eight cans by now, compared to the half a jar of shave soap. Plus, the Weck jar they use for packaging can be recycled and reused. Shore Soap Co. is a Newport, Rhode Island based company; their main location is on Thames Street in Newport, RI, but they ship to all 50 states—ships free if you order $50+ of goods. The actual soap builds a great lather when using a badger brush and has a great peppermint scent to it.


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