Yelp in Boston

Ryan and I went to our first Yelp event since moving to Boston a few weeks ago, and it was such a blast! We have been writing Yelp reviews consistently for several years now and we are proud to be Elite members. Being an Elite member is so much fun and comes with many benefits including invitations to exclusive events usually involving food and drink of some sort. If you use Yelp at all, you should definitely write reviews and nominate yourself to be an Elite member!

The event we attended was held at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville. Brooklyn Boulders is a dedicated rock climbing gym and it is every indoor rock climbers dream. This place is extremely spacious with many walls for bouldering, auto-belaying, and belaying. If rock climbing isn’t your thing though, there are treadmills, stationary bikes, a weight room, yoga classes, a ping pong table, and for those that don’t want to move a muscle-a coffee shop and lounge area. As part of our invitation to the Yelp event, we got free day passes and went climbing yesterday. We bouldered for about an hour, and it was tough! It was so much fun though, but my forearms and fingers are definitely sore today.

The yelp event was called “Somer-Lovin” (see here) and it was a collection of numerous local businesses in Somerville. There were samples of cocktails, beer, food, chocolate, macaroons, and dance and aerial performances. Here are a few pics:



Name tags on and ready to explore!



Plantain and Yuca Chips from Casa B


Cocktails from Backbar (which is the best bar I’ve been to in Cambridge or Somerville yet)


Dance and Musical Performances by  The Dirty Dottys

We were SO full from all the food and drink. Other great vendors there that are worth trying if you are in the area were:

Aeronaut Brewing


Taza Chocolate

The Kebab Factory

Messy Mike’s BBQ (although I wasn’t a fan, food was pretty flavorless and underseasoned)

Some ‘Ting Nice (Also was not a fan of this for the opposite reasons. The jerk chicken was so spicy, I almost choked from the heat of the peppers!)

Overall, this event was one of the best Yelp events I’ve been to. I am so excited to go to more in the Boston area. Start yelping and join us!



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