Scooby the Scoby

Today marks the conception of “Scooby” our baby scoby. What’s a scoby you ask? Scoby is an acrocnym for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast” and it is used to make fermented tea, also known as kombucha. When I was a second year medical student, kombucha (and matcha lattes) were my guilty pleasure. I probably drank a bottle of kombucha almost once a day, which at $3.69 for a bottle meant that I spent over a thousand dollars on kombucha in a year! Clearly an intervention had to be had, so I stopped my kombucha craze in an effort to save money.

While reading True Brews by Emma Christensen, I realized how simple it is to make kombucha, and so now I am on the quest to brew my own. Hence, the birth of Scooby my scoby. See Emma Christensen’s instructions on how to make your own scoby here. Basically it involves boiling water, adding sugar, steeping tea, mixing store-bought kombucha, and watching the scoby grow day by day.


Sweet Tea + Kombucha starter


Scoby all packaged up

Check back in 1-2 weeks to see how Scooby is!



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