Weekend Cocktail: Morgenthaler’s Chinese Five Spice Dark ‘N’ Stormy

One month ago, I posted about Lisa’s favorite cocktail—at least it was when I met her—the Dark ‘N’ Stormy. As mentioned before, home bartending has become my hobby ever since we built our own bar cart. As I’ve read more about the art of tending bar, I learned who some of the major players and innovators of the industry were and came across Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s book “The Bar Book” at our fair city‘s local library (I’m going to miss you Cambridge Main).

As one of very few books devoted entirely to bar techniques, with a handful of recipes that utilize them, it’s a great starter book for anyone with an interest in bartending. When I came across Jeff’s recipe for ginger beer and then later his Gosling’s Chinese Five Spice Rum, I knew I found a winning combo. But enough from me, I couldn’t possibly describe it better than he does below.

.I love it too Jeff! A satisfying highball it most certainly is!

Enjoy it Responsibly!



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