Eater 38 Challenge: #11 Highland Kitchen

After weeks of apartment hunting, Ryan and I finally decided on a place and we are moving to Coolidge Corner come June! We are going to miss our fair city of Cambridge, and we are going to try to hit all the fantastic places to dine in Cambridge and Somerville before the move. We went for Sunday brunch at Highland Kitchen with one of Ryan’s friends from undergrad who recently moved into the area.

Tip: Get in line early for Sunday Brunch- like 10:30 AM early!

We arrived at 11AM (when service starts), and there was a long line out the street. The people at the front of the line were seated right away. However, if you are at the tail end (like we were), you have to wait for that entire first group to finish their meals, which means you’re waiting at least an hour. The hostess told us the wait was going to be 45 minutes, but we waited closer to 1.5 hours. The place was so crowded, it was difficult even getting to the bar (where there is a full brunch service as well) to grab a drink while you wait. There was live folk music in the corner though, so that and good company helps to pass the time.

I sipped on the classic Hemenway Daquiri, which was phenomenally prepared. For my meal, I ordered the special omelette, which was very St. Patrick’s Day inspired and stuffed with corned beef, cabbage, and cheddar cheese. The best part of the plate were the home fries- crispy and salty potato, but meaty on the inside. The watermelon garnish left me wondering where they get their ingredients from.


Overall, I was quite satisfied with my meal, but I’m not sure it was worth the extremely long wait. I am excited to return for dinner service another day to try their ever popular goat curry.

What do you order at your weekend brunch? Are you a sweet or savory bruncher? I always go for the savory despite my enormous sweet tooth!



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