We’re Back!

Hi friends,

So after over a year long hiatus, Ryan and I decided to start up the blog again as a way for our friends and family (mainly my mother) to keep up with what we’ve been doing. So much has happened over the past year and sadly the blog fell off to the wayside, but we’ll try not to let that happen again.

Here’s a brief summary of what’s happened over the past year:

  1. Lisa started a Diagnostic Radiology Residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.
  2. Ryan started a new job at Analgesic Solutions in Natick, MA.
  3. Ryan and I both got two new cute nephews.
    At Cheu Noodle Bar in Philadelphia with Lisa’s nephew Walden


    5. We traveled to Chicago, St. Louis, Vermont, Miami, Maine, and Montreal to name a few.

    Wyndham Walls, Miami, FL
    St. Louis Arch in St. Louis, MO

    Ate our weight in Montreal’s famous bagels
  4. We spent the summer grilling with Ryan’s sweet 50 dollar find on craigslist.13668908_10101095546897041_7596809110748811198_o
  5. We did a lot of hiking/trying not to let Lisa fall off mountains.
    The Labyrinth aka Lemon Squeeze Trail at Mohank Preserve, High Falls, NY
    Mt Dorr, Acadia National Park

    8. We became national park and national historic site enthusiasts collecting cancellation stamps wherever we go.

    Kayaking in Everglades National Parks
    National Parks Passport Book and Centennial Stamps

    Life has been good. We shouldn’t complain (although we sometimes do). Look out for some more blog posts soon!

-Lisa (and Ryan).



Upstate NY Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, Ryan and I went to his hometown of Vestal, NY for a little weekend getaway. I was born and raised in NYC, so I have to admit that when I envision upstate NY, I picture cold weather, snow, and not much excitement. Both of my brothers went to SUNY Binghamton for undergrad and I’ve visited Ryan’s childhood home several times now, so I have a decent idea of what to do when you are a Downstate New Yorker finding yourself in Upstate New York. Here are the highlights of our very short trip last weekend.

1. Corning Museum of Glass: The museum was celebrating the opening of a new contemporary art wing, so admission was free all weekend. Free things are just more fun in my opinion. I was blown away by how wonderful this museum was. There were live demonstrations. We got to see Italian glass artist Lino Tagliapietra make some breathtaking pieces.

 IMG_0466 IMG_0469

Lino Tagliapietra at work (right) and his piece Endeavor (left)

Tagliapietra’s piece Endeavor is an installation of 35 glass boats inspired by the gondolas in his hometown of Venice. His work took me back to college when I studied abroad and traveled all over Europe.

1924150_553650827151_4911_n 1924150_553651036731_2824_n

Linda and our friend Stephen on a gondola ride in Venice back in 2008 (left) and Burano, Italy (right)


The piece above was my favorite in the entire museum. From far away, the piece looked like three trees, but as you got closer you could see that they were made of individual recycled glasses. Ryan and I have been searching for a coupe, and I wanted to snag one so badly they were so beautiful!

2. Wine tasting in the Finger Lakes

We had limited time, so we drove up and down Seneca Lake. The Finger Lakes have the best Rieslings in the country, and quite possibly in the world. My favorite vineyard we visited was Herman J. Weimer. I definitely want to return in the summertime to see the grapes growing!

We ate at FLX Wienery. The house-made sausages and hot dogs were spectacular. This was Ryan’s first time having poutine!

IMG_0477 IMG_0482

FLX Wienery Before and After: As Ryan put it, “we did some serious damage to the napkins.”

The rest of the weekend involved lots of driving, trips to Wegmans, and watching House Hunters while eating cold pizza =). It was perfect.

Have you been to upstate NY? Any recommendations on things to do? I’d love to hear your suggestions!


Wacky Wednesday: What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

It’s Wednesday! Here’s another funny video from Dr. Hamblin to get you through part 2 of the week. Stay tuned for our first installment of a weekly weekend cocktail post this Friday.

Here are some links to other funny articles around the interwebs on the same topic.




Follow the Process: Rise & Shine

Under the comb
The tangle and the straight path
Are the same.

Rise and Shine! For those of you struggling on your New Year’s Resolutions, keep it up! Bit by bit life’s a cinch! Trust the process. Many of us have today off, so it’s a perfect day to regroup, refocus, and get back on track. I know I’ve got some mileage to make up too!

Make this your AM alarm and you’re sure to get out of bed and get moving!

Stop Procrastinating Now

We all procrastinate. No one can possibly do everything at once. I saw this video the other day about how to manage a tendency to procrastinate. I just used the tactic to stop myself cold.

See what I’m talking about here: http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/04/how-to-break-the-procrastination-habit/256199/

Do you have any techniques you find useful?


The Marathon Challenge: Recap

“Man does not simply exist but always decides what his existence will be, what he will become the next moment. By the same token, every human being has the freedom to change at any moment.”

-Viktor Frankl

On October 26th, 2014, I joined the thousands of others who participated in the Marine Corps Marathon. As my first marathon, my primary goal was to finish. In that regard, I was successful, finishing 213th in my division of 1143, in 3:45:51.

Here are my splits:

Location Net Time Clock Time Time of Day Pace Pace Between
Start 00:00 2:12 7:57:12
5K 25:39 27:50 8:22:51 8:14 /mi
8:00 /mi
10K 50:31 52:42 8:47:43 8:07 /mi
8:07 /mi
15K 1:15:45 1:17:56 9:12:56 8:07 /mi
8:00 /mi
20K 1:40:38 1:42:49 9:37:50 8:05 /mi
8:07 /mi
13.1M 1:46:10 1:48:22 9:43:22 8:05 /mi
8:10 /mi
25K 2:06:01 2:08:12 10:03:12 8:06 /mi
8:23 /mi
30K 2:32:04 2:34:15 10:29:16 8:09 /mi
8:50 /mi
35K 2:59:32 3:01:43 10:56:43 8:15 /mi
10:28 /mi
40K 3:32:06 3:34:17 11:29:18 8:32 /mi
10:05 /mi
Finish 3:45:51 3:48:02 11:43:03 8:36 /mi

I’m pleased—what more is there to say, I finished my first marathon and came in under my goal time of 3:45:99.

MCM swag
MCM swag

Perhaps it’s cliché, but the marathon taught me about myself. The first few miles passed slowly and while I was eager to get going—part of me wanted to stay close to the 3:35 pacer—I knew it better to methodically trust the process and stick to my internal clock. As the race progressed others fell one-by-one; I remember a steep hill at the 5k mark where some began walking—the process was taking care of itself. Around the 10-mile marker I must’ve passed the 3:35 pace group because I saw them behind me after the course took a hairpin turn. I continued to feel great, keeping a steady pace, and watching the miles pass.

At mile 20 fatigue set in; my thighs and calves cramped up. I had to stop and stretch. The cramping worsened over the last 10K. Frustrated, I considered walking. Each step felt like a thousand little knives stabbing each leg. I wondered how I would cover the last 6 miles. I reminded myself I already ran 20. I kept telling myself “yard by yard, life is hard. Inch by inch, life’s a cinch.” I followed everyone else’s lead, sucked it up, and kept running. What other choice did I have? At some point the 3:35 pace group passed by, I felt deflated; but I remember the crowd cheering us. The energy was electric, the current palpable. I wouldn’t walk to the finish—I couldn’t. It was not pretty, my form broke—it was horrid actually—but I crossed the finish under my realistic goal. I remember smiling. The pain was over.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture from the finish, but I imagine my smile looked something like it did when Lisa and I finished our first half marathon.

Our first Half Marathon
Our first Half Marathon

A PA that sutured my eyebrow weeks before, and ironically also ran the MCM, correctly predicted the outcome of my race. She told me that day in ED that I would feel exhilarated upon finishing and that I’d be signing up for another marathon soon. Now that January is here my training for the Providence Marathon in May 2015 is under way. I’m excited to see what I can do.