Eater 38 Challenge: #10 West Bridge

My twin sister Linda and her boyfriend Joe came to visit last weekend. Linda and Joe are fantastic cooks and love their food and drink. They are always up-to-date on the local food scene. Linda made reservations at West Bridge, which makes number 10 out of 38 in our Eater 38 Boston Challenge!

First we stopped by Cambridge Brewing Company for a beer. It goes without saying that Linda and Joe really love their beer. Since I moved to Cambridge, the only place Linda knows how to get to without having to use google maps is CBC =). We had the Vienna Secession (a Vienna lager) and Joe got the Tall Tale Pale Ale on cask. I personally liked the Vienna lager more.


At West Bridge, we started with some cocktails, which were spot on!


Conspiracy Theory (left) and Love and Fear (right)

The menu encourages family style eating, but you could certainly order things individually if you prefer that. We ordered two “smalls”, one side, and three “shares”. All of the dishes were beautifully presented. By far, the stars of the meal were the small dishes and sides. Unfortunately, the larger dishes fell flat. In fact, the pork and calamari dish was so unpalatable that we didn’t even finish it! It was served cold and was under-seasoned.

IMG_0452 IMG_0449

Lamb Belly with Spaetzle (left) and Egg in Jar (right)


Sunchoke (left) and Duck (right)

IMG_0459 IMG_0458

Pork and Calamari (left) and Short Ribs (right)

In summary, go here for cocktails and the small plates and sides (especially the egg in a jar). I would definitely skip the large plates, and go somewhere else if you are still hungry!

Happy Dining!